I know probably all of us have an experience where we go to the movies and been like that was a waste of time and money! Either there was some violence you weren’t expecting or some language that was not necessary. All because you should have got some more information about the movie! Now before the movie you don’t want to go on an hour treasure hunt to find all the information you need to decide if the movie you wanted to go see is for you!? Well I got a solution! Plugged-In movie review is the place to go! Type in the title,click search,and read the information. They tell you everything! From: Positive Elements,Spiritual Elements, Violent Elements, Crude or Profane language, and some other topics that might interest you. Plugged In online also does music,videos,games,and tv show. Save yourself either the $17 ($7 ticket/$10 food) or the HOUR online try to find right information about the movie you want to go see! And go to Plugged In !

Over and Out

Lindsay A. Barth


4 thoughts on “Movies!

  1. Yeah, movies can be hard to figure out… 🙂 Also another good movie review site is “kids in mind” it is really helpful for parents with children and want to be sure that the movie in question is age appropriate. There is also an app (iphone) for the “kids in mind” reviews. Thanks!!

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