The “S” in ACTS stands for supplication. Supplication means asking God for something for ourselves or for others. When you ask God for things try to think of others first and lift up your own needs last. This is the part if prayer where you talk to God about your grandmother who is sick or your dad who needs a job, or maybe even your best freind whose parents are getting a divorce. After you say your prayers for others, then you can pray for yourself. Be honest with God. Are you sad? Tell Him. Are you scared? Tell Him. Talk to Him as you would your very best friend, and rembember that your prayers are heard. Sometimes God doesnt answer our payers the way we would like Him to. God’s ways are higher than our ways!

So, what are you ? Do you treat God like you a vending machine when it comes to prayer? If so, your’re missing out on what prayer is all about. Put your change away and try using the ACTS model. It is important that you talk to God on a daily basis. You don’t have to wait untill bedtime to say your prayers. Get in the habit of talking to Him thoughout your day as things come up. He can’t wait to talk to you.

Over and Out

Lindsay A. Barth

Notes thanks to : Between by vicki courtney


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