Do You Have What It Takes??? Part 1

“Do you have what it takes to become the next American Idol? It’s an interesting and entertaining show. But have you ever really thought about what the world idol means? In this case the show revolves around everyone trying to become the dol. It is the desired thing to achieve. To become the idol means that everyone thinks you are fabulous! Instantly popular . Instanlty winning a recording contract. In the bible, God talks a lot about idols,and it’s not at all like the show. In Leviticus 26:1 God says, “Do not make idols or set up carved images,scared pillars,or shaped stones to be worshipped in your land. I, the lord, am your God, ” God is commanding the people not tom make idols. In those days it wasn’t unusual for someone to grab a stone,carve it,and set it up as something to be worshipped  or adored. I know it sounds pretty silly, nut that was the custom back then, and God didn’t like it. The reason he didn’t like it is because he wanted to be worshipped and adored. God still wants to be worshipped as first place in our life all the time. Just as he did with the people in the old testament. So he addressed the problem of idolatry all though the old and new testament.”

Come join me next time to get some more in sight on this topic!

Notes thanks to : Between by Vicki Courtney

Over and Out

Lindsay A. Barth


One thought on “Do You Have What It Takes??? Part 1

  1. This is really GOOD… check that…GREAT!! It is such an overlooked subject and the word “Idol” really gets thrown around. It is Super important for a christian to understand that some of the “popular” terms are unbiblical. Thank You LB!! 🙂

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