Do You Have What It Takes??? Part 2

Did you enjoy part 1 ?  Part 2 is even better let us dive right in:

Deuteronomy 11:16 says, “But do not let your heart turn away from the lord to worship other gods”. The gods in this case were anything other than the Lord God,like the carved stones. And though it is unbelievable to think of worshipping a stone carved by man and making a god out of it, the truth is, we have a tendency to make idols out of things these days too. Just think about it. If you understand that what we care about gets our adoration or ongoing attention, see if you can look at your life and figure out if you might be worshipping some things or activities more than you worship God. Now I don’t mean that how you spend most of your time is necessarily a signal of what you care about most because the majority of you go to school about seven hours a day, and then you sleep about eight hours a night . No, what I am asking is what takes first place in your heart most often?

Part 3 coming soon…

Hope to see you like part 3 too!

Notes Thanks To: Between by Vicki Courtney

Over and Out

God Bless

Lindsay A. Barth


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