Celebrate the Positive Part 2

Let’s jump right back into positive confession from last week.
If you have not yet began to develop this important habit, start today. Begin by thinking and saying good things about yourself: “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I prosper in everything I lay my hands to. I have gifts and talents, and God is using me. I operate in the fruits of the Spirit. I walk in love. Joy flows through me.”
We can appropriate the blessings of God in our life if we will continually and purposefully speak about ourselves what the word of God says about us. We will start to receive positive results!
Here is a prayer we can prayer to ask God to help us in this area:
Lord, I will make the positive confession of Your Word an ingrained habit of my life. Help me to get my mouth in line with the truth of what you had done for me. Amen.
Over and Out
God Bless
Lindsay A. Barth
Ps: A very happy to my brother’s golden birthday today 😀

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