Forgiveness Part 2

After reading part one of this teaching… You might wonder why Jesus had to die. God is perfect and cannot be in the presence of anything that is not pure or perfect. When we sin (do something wrong), we are not pure, and God can’t be in our presence. But God took care of it when he sent Jesus (someone perfect who had never sinned) to pay the penalty for are sins. He was a pure sacrifice. But here’s the cool part: when you believe in Jesus, he fills your heart. When God looks at you, he does not see your sins because Jesus paid the price for them! They have been forgiven. Now who in the world would refuse an incredible offer like that? So what about you? Have you claimed your prize of God’s forgiveness?

God Bless
Lindsay A. Barth

Ps:If you are interested in getting this grand prize of forgiveness but not sure where to start please comment below.


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