Month: April 2013

Having A Grateful Heart Part 2

Being good at gratitude mean you are able to remember all the nice things you have been given, and you maintain a thankful attitude. It means you appreciate the people in ur life too and thank them for all they do for you. And you know what? That makes everyone happy especially God. Why not think about become really good at one of the things God loves, like gratitude. Get a little notepad, and before you go to bed ever night, wrote down ten things that make you feel grateful. After a week or so, look over your list, and you’ll begin to remember all the blessings in ur life in a new way. It can make your life more fun, and you just might inspire some people along the way by being really good at some things that matter most to God!

Hope this teaching spoke to you!

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Lindsay A Barth


Having A Grateful Heart Part 1

One of my big things this year is to be really good at the things God thinks are important. Have you ever stopped to think about what God thinks of as important? It is not always the same kinds of things we think of as important. God likes things like love,patience,peace,mane joy. I want to be good at those things because I know that they are important to God. But another one I really want to work on is gratitude because in Colossians 3:15 the. Bible says we should be grateful. Gratitude is being aware of the things you receive and giving thanks for them. Ad while it is easy to enjoy the things you receive, it is sometimes harder to stay thankful for them.
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Lindsay A Barth

Your Heart Is Christ’s Home! Part 2

God is as closer as your next breath. And I believe Christ has come to live inside us because there’s no way we can hope to live the life He wants us to live if His presence is not in us all the time, strengthening us and giving us the wisdom to do what He’s asking us to do. When you understand that as a believer, God the Father, Jesus His son, and the precious Holy Spirit are always with you, you will never be the same! Colossians 1:27 says the riches of the glory of the Gospel message…

… is Christ within and among you, the Hope of glory. The next time you need joy, the next time you need peace, the next time you need strength, realize that the Source of all those things- God Himself- has made His home in you. You have everything you need. And when we give God total control of every part of our lives, we have access to everything He offers us in Christ.

We can trust that God will do whats right for us at the right time. When we keep Him first and delight ourselves in Him (Psalm 37:4), He will give us the desires of our heart.

Hope you enjoyed this 2 part teaching

Notes thanks to Joyce Meyer

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Lindsay A. Barth

Your Heart Is Christ’s Home

When God came to live in you, He didn’t just come to stay in one room. He came to live in the whole house.

If you have been a believer for a period of time, you may have heard those words before. We all need to have a revelation about we are God’s home. Jesus is not just a visitor. He doesn’t just show up on Sunday. He actually living and abiding in your heart. The question is, are we giving Him full control of every part of are lives and making our home a comfortable place for Him to be?

John 3:24 says…

All who keep His commandments… abide in Him, and he in them.

As Joyce Meyer says…
This is so important to me because I spent too many years as a “religious Christian.” I was doing all the right things I knew to do – going to church, reading my Bible, saying the things I thought a good Christian would say- but I was still powerless, frustrated, and unhappy.

This is what I fell what the trap people now a days have fallen into.

Come see next time for Part 2

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Lindsay A Barth

Fun I Had Over Easter Weekend!

Beside the normal rollerblading, school, chores, earring money for summer fun… I did a few more things this weekend! Went to a kickin Easter party on Friday then dance practice … I was on a dance team for our church when they have their Easter celebration which was on Saturday. Then went to Sunday church and went and had some amazing food at my Grand parents. Then sat down and looked at all I had done and barely could remember it all! It was such a busy weekend sat down in my office chair and began school again!! Wow spring break flew by! But very fun at the same time! Also did so easter eggs. Here is a few pics of the events I did! 😉 Hope you enjoy