Your Heart Is Christ’s Home

When God came to live in you, He didn’t just come to stay in one room. He came to live in the whole house.

If you have been a believer for a period of time, you may have heard those words before. We all need to have a revelation about we are God’s home. Jesus is not just a visitor. He doesn’t just show up on Sunday. He actually living and abiding in your heart. The question is, are we giving Him full control of every part of are lives and making our home a comfortable place for Him to be?

John 3:24 says…

All who keep His commandments… abide in Him, and he in them.

As Joyce Meyer says…
This is so important to me because I spent too many years as a “religious Christian.” I was doing all the right things I knew to do – going to church, reading my Bible, saying the things I thought a good Christian would say- but I was still powerless, frustrated, and unhappy.

This is what I fell what the trap people now a days have fallen into.

Come see next time for Part 2

Over and Out

Lindsay A Barth


One thought on “Your Heart Is Christ’s Home

  1. Love, love, love this WORD.. Wow, all the rooms and not just one…such a great revelation…wide and spacious places…love it and YOU of course!

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