3 Misconceptions About Hell

The world and media don’t always paint a very accurate picture of what he’ll is going to be like for those who reject the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Here are 3 common misconceptions about eternal damnation as it described in Scripture (Matthew 10:28).

1.) “Gods sends people to hell.”
No, if you end up in hell, it will be because you chose to go there. God is fair and just. He gives every person the opportunity to do the right thing. If we choose to reject His love and commandments, we have made a choice to be separated from Him.

2.) ” Hell will be a party place” How many rock bands talked about going to hell because that’s where ” my friends are going to be, and we’ll all party together!” Well, your friends may be there, but the bible describes it is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth, not a party.

3.) “Hell can’t be any worse than my life right now.” Don’t count on it! Sure, life has it ups and downs. But hell only has downs, with no possibility of ever knowing love, joy, happiness, friendship, or even hope ever again. Trust me, things could be worse!

Notes thanks to: Little Black Book of God’s Guarantees by Blaine Bartel

Over and Out
Lindsay A Barth


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