Month: November 2013

Girls Life Club 2013

We ended out this year of Girls Life Club 2013… Here is a group photo! Some people got out in some but that is the fun of it!! Lol



7 Bible Guarantees For Friendship Part 2

Lets dive right back in… We just finished #4 in part 1… So here is 5-7 🙂

5.) God’s Word guarantees that you will become wise if you hang out with wise friends. Surround yourself with wise friends who can help you make wise choices in every area of life… Peer Pressure is good if pointed in the right direction

6.) God’s Word guarantees that you can avoid suffering by not hanging out with foolish people. So choose to avoid inevitable heartache by steering clear of those who make bad choices.

7.) God’s Word guarantees that you will reap what you sow into your friendship. If you sow dishonesty you will have dishonesty in your friendship… If you gossip you will reap gossip in your friendship… Friendships have to be nurtured in order to thrive. If you take your friends for granted, the relationships will eventually wither and die.

Thanks for enjoying me on the journey of the 7 Bible Guarantees For Friendship…

Notes thanks to: The Little Black Book

Over and Out

Lindsay A. Barth