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Having A Grateful Heart Part 2

Being good at gratitude mean you are able to remember all the nice things you have been given, and you maintain a thankful attitude. It means you appreciate the people in ur life too and thank them for all they do for you. And you know what? That makes everyone happy especially God. Why not think about become really good at one of the things God loves, like gratitude. Get a little notepad, and before you go to bed ever night, wrote down ten things that make you feel grateful. After a week or so, look over your list, and you’ll begin to remember all the blessings in ur life in a new way. It can make your life more fun, and you just might inspire some people along the way by being really good at some things that matter most to God!

Hope this teaching spoke to you!

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Lindsay A Barth


Having A Grateful Heart Part 1

One of my big things this year is to be really good at the things God thinks are important. Have you ever stopped to think about what God thinks of as important? It is not always the same kinds of things we think of as important. God likes things like love,patience,peace,mane joy. I want to be good at those things because I know that they are important to God. But another one I really want to work on is gratitude because in Colossians 3:15 the. Bible says we should be grateful. Gratitude is being aware of the things you receive and giving thanks for them. Ad while it is easy to enjoy the things you receive, it is sometimes harder to stay thankful for them.
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Talking to Animals Part 2

I isn’t that crazy? To think that God not only made all these hundreds and hundreds of animals, but he also designed them to teach us things. Animals don’t speak with words but they have something to say. By just observing them, we can learn from them. They can teach us useful things by watching and studying them. Let’s take a horse for example. You ride a horse make it walk, trot,canter, or jump obstacles when commanded. You direct the horse with the reins and your legs just sitting pretty in the saddle why the horse does all the hard work. The horse does not complain or refuse; rather, she keeps working on. Pretty amazing. You reward it by providing a nice place for it to live with lots of grain,hay, and green grass to munch on. Horses are hard workers. And we can learn from it.
Colossians 3:23 says, Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.
It’s a great first, and I bet horses would like it if they could understand it because they are such hard workers!
What about you? Can you learn from animals? What might the animals in your life say to you? Try observing the animals around you and think about how they act. Then read the Bible and see if God just may use an animal to teach you anything thing or to!?!

Lindsay A. Barth

Notes thanks to : between by Vicki Courtney

Do You Have What It Takes??? Part 2

Did you enjoy part 1 ?  Part 2 is even better let us dive right in:

Deuteronomy 11:16 says, “But do not let your heart turn away from the lord to worship other gods”. The gods in this case were anything other than the Lord God,like the carved stones. And though it is unbelievable to think of worshipping a stone carved by man and making a god out of it, the truth is, we have a tendency to make idols out of things these days too. Just think about it. If you understand that what we care about gets our adoration or ongoing attention, see if you can look at your life and figure out if you might be worshipping some things or activities more than you worship God. Now I don’t mean that how you spend most of your time is necessarily a signal of what you care about most because the majority of you go to school about seven hours a day, and then you sleep about eight hours a night . No, what I am asking is what takes first place in your heart most often?

Part 3 coming soon…

Hope to see you like part 3 too!

Notes Thanks To: Between by Vicki Courtney

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The “S” in ACTS stands for supplication. Supplication means asking God for something for ourselves or for others. When you ask God for things try to think of others first and lift up your own needs last. This is the part if prayer where you talk to God about your grandmother who is sick or your dad who needs a job, or maybe even your best freind whose parents are getting a divorce. After you say your prayers for others, then you can pray for yourself. Be honest with God. Are you sad? Tell Him. Are you scared? Tell Him. Talk to Him as you would your very best friend, and rembember that your prayers are heard. Sometimes God doesnt answer our payers the way we would like Him to. God’s ways are higher than our ways!

So, what are you ? Do you treat God like you a vending machine when it comes to prayer? If so, your’re missing out on what prayer is all about. Put your change away and try using the ACTS model. It is important that you talk to God on a daily basis. You don’t have to wait untill bedtime to say your prayers. Get in the habit of talking to Him thoughout your day as things come up. He can’t wait to talk to you.

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Lindsay A. Barth

Notes thanks to : Between by vicki courtney


The “T” in ACTS stands for thanks. I bet you can think of the one holiday when it’s easy to remember to thank God for his blessings. Thats right, Thanksgiving! Did you know that we’re supposed to have Thanksgiving all year long? That’s right everyday should be Thanksgiving, with or without the turkey and dressing! Is it easy to forget to thank God on regular basis. One way to remember is to use a payer journal. Start by taking a notebook , journal, or even a piece of paper would do fine and make a list of the things you are thankful for, Like your church, your friends, your home, ect… If you can’t think of anything , you should always be thankful for God’s son, Jesus, who died on the cross for you. With all that we have been blessed with we should have no problem thinking of things to thank God for. In addition to thanking God for the blessings he has given us , we should also thank Him for answering our prayers. Begin by taking that same prayer journal, notebook, and divide the pages into two columns. In one column, list you prayer request and in the other column mark how and when the prayer was answered, even if the answer was “no”!
1 Thessalonians 5:18
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Almost there! Just the “S” left! Come join us later in the week to complete our series! 🙂

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