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Air 1 Mixology…

Heads up on a really cool thing on you pick the music and you can search their music database and pick the songs you want and vote for good songs you wanna here as well! Check it out it is on from 8p-10p (mst) …


Ishine Bookstore!

I love the ishine bookstore it a bunch of great music and books! Nothing gets me in the Christmas mood like a SALE, O and music 😉 Don’t miss out!!! If you are interested in purchasing something comment below and I will shot you an email with a code for $10 off your order !


I also have to say I love the Ishine bible… Check it out!

Mother’s Day

Wow! Mother’s Day it is coming up so soon!Do you have the gift you need. I know of a perfect present for your mother and/or grandmother. I know that sometimes it is hard the find the perfect something that expresses how much they mean to you. So I am offering this deal:

I am offering this deal to you: from one free card, all you have to pay is $.65 for the postage when you use the promo code: FREETREAT

So go to ( click Mother’s day card and start personalizing cards now. Depending on the layout that you choose you can have from 2-5 photos in your card. Just drag and drop the photos that you want!!

Have fun designing you card!!!

Over and Out

Lindsay A. Barth