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Yummy French Fries

I made them for dinner and they were delicious!!! If you have ever had Red Robin’s garlic

fries these are kind of similar.

Any Frozen French Fries

1/2 teaspoon Parsley

1/3 Cup cheese (I like sharp cheese better with this)

1-2 Bulbs of garlic crushed (or minced very fine)  

Olive Oil (or garlic oil to really get the garlic flavor)


Lightly drizzle the frozen fries with oil. Sprinkle the cheese mix on top of the french fries. Then put the garlic on them. Put them in the oven according to the instruction on the package of french fries.

Here are the fries out of the oven:


If you want once they come out you can sprinkle them with some extra cheese!:)

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!! 🙂

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Lindsay A. Barth